AUSTSWIM helps teachers gain the foundation they need to provide safe aquatic education, enabling them to provide families and communities with skills that will continue to make a positive impact on their lives for generations to come.

Qualifications and accreditations for swim teachers and coaches are offered through AUSTSWIM programmes. The AUSTSWIM Teacher License™ is recognised as the industry standard for swimming and water safety teachers in Australasia.

AUSTSWIM Aotearoa was established in 2014 as the New Zealand branch of the Australasian Council for the Teaching of Swimming and Water Safety (AUSTSWIM) following industry demand and growth in the number of courses and candidates.

NZRA is now the sole agent for AUSTSWIM aquatic education programmes in New Zealand. To find AUSTSWIM Aotearoa courses and events, see the calendar.

To find out more about our qualifications for swim teachers and coaches and register for a course in your area, visit the AUSTSWIM Aotearoa website.

Latest Courses


This Masterclass will be delivered by esteemed swimming coach Leigh Nugent. Leigh is well respected in the aquatic industry for his knowledge, passion, purpose and motivational presenting coaching techniques. You will leave with the energy, inspiration and better understanding to teach breaststroke armed with genuine skill to all students. Let’s go beyond the lane and watch the Master at work. Leigh delivers this session on pool deck with selected students to demonstrate how to observe, analyse and if necessary modify body movement to gain excellence in breaststroke technique. Leigh offers the opportunity to explore the scientific engineering movement through water and effective teaching tips for this symmetrical swimming stroke.

Continue on pool deck to refine, revise and evaluate the lesson learnt today. Experience drills and skills to teach breaststroke for beginners to advanced .

Topics in this exclusive Masterclass include

>How to best teach breaststroke

>The forces at work; deeper understanding of breaststroke biomechanics

>Appropriate drills at the beginner to advanced stage

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The progression from learn-to-swim and water safety programs to learning the fundamentals of effective technique in the competitive strokes is extremely important. It may be the most significant stage in the development of future champion swimmers.

The better the technique, the better the swimmer. Become a multiskilled instructor capable of progressing students development.

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